Thursday, July 28, 2016

Black Sesame Milk

It's better than chocolate milk. Just add two spoons of black sesame powder to a glass of milk, together with a spoonful of sugar.

Bow certainly relished the drink, as did I. I only prepared about half a glass for each of us, so that we would not overindulge.

Bow started out drinking from the straw, like the civilized person that he is.

But when the strange slurpy sound let him know that the utility of the straw had come to its end, Bow took the the pink straw out of the glass and sucked up any excess liquid still left trapped inside it.

Then he set about drinking from the glass.

He lifted the glass high in the air to get every last drop. Then he looked carefully inside to see there was still sesame powder to be had within the glass.

Bow then used his very flexible tongue to mop up all the rest of the sesame powder.

I'd say that means the sesame milk was pretty good!


  1. It looks like a nice drink to try.

  2. Thanks, Julia. It is nice. I got the idea from the black sesame powder ice cream recipe, which I have yet to try, because it is rather elaborate and requires some time to do.