Sunday, July 27, 2014

Asian Rice and Pork Dish with Fried Zucchini and Blackberry Lemonade

I am not much of a cook. But lately I've been making these Asian style dishes with rice and pork. They are very easy to make, so I thought I would share them here.

First we make the rice. I usually boil two cups of water and one cup of rice, adding about half  a stick of butter to the water and a little seasoned salt with turmeric for flavor. When the water is boiling, I also throw in one egg yolk. If you have ever looked at how rice is prepared for Asian dishes, you may have noticed that rice isn't all that's going into the pot. The secret to making nutritious rice  dishes is adding a lot of fat to the carbs. After bringing the water to a boil. I lower the heat so the rice can simmer. It takes about fifteen minutes for most of the water to be absorbed into the rice.

Now for the pork part. I use either butter or lard to grease a skillet and I cut the pork into little pieces. In this case, I also had a nice, fresh zucchini from the garden of my friend Kathy, so I fried the zucchini first, then I added the pork.After things get very hot in the pan, I add some teriyaki sauce.

Once the rice was ready, I put it into the bowls first, then added the pork and fried zucchini.

Sometimes adding chop sticks makes the dish look more authentic.

But not everybody likes to use chopsticks, so providing a spoon is also a good idea.

Blackberries for dessert are nice.

Blackberries are in season here now, so picking a bunch is not a problem.

But if you don't have a very big harvest, you can just put a few blackberries into each person's lemonade for a special treat.