Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tangerine Breakfast

Bow is a happy fellow with simple tastes. He does not let fame get to his head. He keeps it real.

Yesterday morning, unaware of the fact that an article about him would soon appear in the Licking News, Bow was focused on one thing: breakfast.

Usually breakfast starts with grapes. Then that is followed by cereal. But on days very close to my weekly grocery shopping, sometimes we run out of grapes, and I substitute something else. Yesterday, it was tangerines.

I peeled two tangerines and split them into their respective parts and presented them in the same colander I usually wash the grapes in.

Of course, I hadn't actually washed the tangerines in the colander, so there was no water in it. But Bow decided to make sure, just in case. We are all creatures of habit!


  1. I find habits sometimes die hard. Years ago when I moved I started walking to my old apartment one day, and I had to remind myself that I no longer lived in that direction.

    1. Yes, Julia. I find that, too. So many of my daily chores are performed by habit, that if something is a little bit different that needs to be done, I have to be extra mindful, or else I'll go on automatic.