Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cheese, Glorious Cheese

Just in case you have ever wondered whether chimpanzees like cheese: the answer, if  Bow is any indication, is a resounding "Yes!" Today, for lunch, Bow was presented with the following foods: an apple, two bananas, cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas and a plate of cheddar cheese. He chose to have the cheese first. He was quite eager to try the cheese.

Now, we don't have cheese every day. But Bow has had cheese in the past, and he recognized this as cheese and called it by name.

It may not be a natural part of the chimpanzee diet, but cheese is one of those foods that appeals to the desire for more dietary fat. All you have to do is watch him eat it, to see how much Bow appreciates having cheese in his diet.

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