Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow on the Ground and a Pear in the Hand

We've had an unusual snowfall here recently. When it snows, I don't like to drive anywhere, even in the evenings and even if we've run out of a staple food. Instead, I like to revel in the beauty of it all and feel safe and snug.

Here is a view of our pasture in the snow.

We ran out of grapes this morning, which is what Bow likes to have for the first course of breakfast. But we still had goodies in the fruit basket that Bow's uncle sent him for Christmas. So Bow had a juicy pear instead of grapes.

It's nice to have a ripe pear for breakfast before dawn. And a slight variation in our routine is good for all of us.

Here's to an interesting and happy and hopeful new year!


  1. Beautiful pic of your world with the snow on the ground...we've had about three inches, and they are staying. It is bitterly cold.

    In mesmerizing contrast to that is Bow, inside, eating the pear. In a quiet, warm place, with his focus, concentration.

    I was struck by the delicacy with which he enjoyed the pear, nibbling the flesh around the core for a long time. Later, he decided to eat the core, too. I couldn't help but think how powerful his jaws are. He could snap a neck in a second, but he can also be so precise.

    Thank you for sharing...this was a holiday gift so much more provoking than listening, again and again, about the partridge in the pear tree.

    Happy holidays to you and yours, Aya. A pear takes on new meaning today.

  2. Thanks you so much for that poetic comment, Sherri. I feel uplifted just reading it!

    Bow and I wish you and yours the best the holidays and the new year have to offer!