Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Gift of Nuggets

Yesterday was a Wednesday, but Lawrence could not come to sit with Bow. He and his family all had the flu. This meant that Bow did not get to enjoy the very special things that only he and Lawrence do together as two guys. It also meant that I could not run errands, important things like buying groceries, checking the mail and visiting the bank.

My friend Jill heard about this and offered to pick up my groceries from the local grocery store. I can get most of the things I need at night by visiting Wal*Mart when Bow is asleep, but the local grocery store closes at 5:00, and they have bananas and dog food that we rely on. So I was very happy to accept Jill's offer.

Today, all day long I worked on correcting the manuscript of Theodosia and the Pirates in preparation for ordering a proof. Bow did not like this, and he interrupted me many times, telling me it was not good that Lawrence had not come and that there was nothing interesting to do.

In the afternoon, it started snowing. Bow alerted me to this change in the weather, because I was so involved in what I was doing that I would not have noticed.

When Jill and her husband Steve arrived with the bananas and dog food and milk, Bow got very excited. He did not even display at them. He was ready to talk to Jill right away. I think that may be because she had been here on Wednesday and had spoken to him then. And even though he did not know Steve, he took to him very quickly.

Steve told us that he had put an extra gift for Bow in with the bananas: some chicken nuggets from the local restaurant. He was not sure whether Bow would like them, but if he didn't, then the dogs surely would.

Bow was very excited. As soon as Jill and Steve left, he told me he wanted to try the gift. He had had such a boring day up till then, that I agreed to go along with that request, even though it was neither a mealtime nor a snack time. I put the chicken nuggets on a plate for Bow.

Bow had to sniff them extra carefully before he decided they were safe to eat. But he certainly did like them.

Isn't it wonderful to have such thoughtful friends and neighbors? Not only did it help me that I got those groceries from the local store. The visit from Jill and Steve and their gift of chicken nuggets made Bow's day.


  1. I knew you lived in a rural place, but I did not realize your local store closed at five. It sounds like even though the day started out boring for Bow, at least he had some excitement later on.

    1. It's a very small store, but it's nice to have it so close, and they do order bananas especially for us, so I am grateful. I wish they could stay open later, but it probably would not pay.

      Yes, the visitors and the chicken nuggets they brought really made Bow's day. After that, he was much happier.