Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Treats

For us, Easter is the spring holiday. For my kids, it is a time for egg hunts and sugary treats. This morning, it was raining out, so I hid some eggs in the pens for Bow. Inside the plastic shells were Reeses chocolate eggs filled with peanut butter.


The corridor of the pens where I "hid" the eggs looked like this after Bow was done with it:

In the afternoon, Bow got another Easter related treat: soft gelatin candies on a plastic stick, looking a little like a kebob skewer. I probably should have removed the outer wrapper for Bow, but he was in such a hurry, and  he seemed to enjoy figuring out how best to remove the candy from the non-edible accoutrements.

Outside, some special flowers were blooming just in time for Easter.

Maybe now it really is spring.


  1. I love the white hyacinth blooming outside. Bow looks like he enjoyed his candy treats for Easter.

    1. Thanks, Julia. Yes, Bow enjoyed his treats quite a bit. I feel a little guilty giving him candy, but it's a tradition. And we eat more natural foods most of the time.

    2. It is only once and awhile, and he had fun, so it was okay.