Friday, March 22, 2013


Yesterday was the second day of spring. Before it started snowing, and we all became enchanted by the winter wonderland that could be seen through the windows, Bow was enjoying his afternoon snack, another item from the gift basket.

This time it was pecans, coated in cream and sugar. The package described the ingredients like this:  pecans, sugar, butter, cream, milk, salt. Something about the process of coating them with cream and sugar made the pecans much harder than normal. Bow took his own sweet time eating and enjoying every morsel, but as the time went on, he progressively slowed down, and I began to feel that he would have trouble eating it all.

It had not seemed like such a big serving for a snack, but when you take into account the extra calories in the sugar and cream, it was a much heavier snack than I usually give Bow at that time of day. It was three o'clock and all that was called for was a light snack.

I took this opportunity to ask Bow if I could try the pecans, too. "Can I have one, Bow?"

Normally. Bow does not share. But he was not very hungry, so he agreed. He would not place the pecan into my palm, but he did generously lift the bowl to allow me to select one. I took one and thanked him. Then he observed very closely as I ate it.

We each had a pecan in our mouth, and Bow was enjoying the shared sensation.

After that, Bow took another pecan and ate it, but he was hesitant about continuing. When I asked if I could have another one, he did not answer. But he left the whole bowl to me, and went to sit up on the ledge.

I took another pecan, but saved the rest for his dessert at supper time. Sharing does come naturally sometimes, but it's easier to do on a full belly. This is true for society at large, too. People who have more than enough find it easier to be generous. It's only natural.

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