Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bow and the Dandelion

The nice thing about spring, when it finally comes, are the blossoms and the flowers. This is a feast for all the senses, the eyes, the touch, the scent of flowers in bloom.

No, I'm not much of a gardener. Everything around here grows on its own, or it does not grow. But whether the flower is a domesticated one or wild, there is still a feast for the eyes.

Teyman and I go for walks three times a day. I show the pictures of what I see to Bow.

Today, I decided to let Bow feast on some of the flowers himself. I picked some dandelions and brought them to him in the pens.

Bow decided that dandelions were a feast for the mouth as well as the eyes.

However, since his belly was full, he decided to take a nap rather than finish off all the flowers.  I should take a nap, too. Tomorrow I'm going to Jefferson City to attend the senate hearing on some anti-primate legislation. I should rest today and smell the flowers.

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