Saturday, November 10, 2012

Savoring the Moment

As I mentioned today in response to a comment, the one thing Bow is not so good at is saving some for later. He does, however, excel at savoring the moment.

Take this morning's grapes, for instance.

Bow was presented with a lovely bunch of grapes, and he was happy.

He took great delight in his grapes.

Sometimes, he briefly paused to contemplate the treasure that he held in his hands.

But it was too good to just look at. It had to be sampled and savored.

Sadly, with every bite he took, the number of remaining grapes diminished.

Why, oh, why can't we eat our grapes and have them, too?

In the end, there was nothing left. But Bow continued to savor the memories.

In life, there are those who truly know how to enjoy the moment, like Bow. And there are others, like me, who make sure that there are also grapes left over for tomorrow.

We each play our part.


  1. There are two kinds of eaters, those who save some for later, and those who eat large portions and need it. Honestly, when I am into high mode pedestrian walks, and especially back in the days when I was running, I could eat like a man who a large appetite. Yesterday I was watching a woman on YouTube who has some interesting videos on juicing, and since she eats mostly a raw vegan diet, she is able to consume up to 3,000 calories a day and is rail thin. I think she is probably working out a lot too, but certain times people just have large appetites. I have always liked food a lot, and I have never eaten like a bird to be truthful.

    1. Julia, it is wonderful to savor your food, we should all eat as much as we naturally feel we need to.

      But there's another kind of saving some for later: when Bow is full, he no longer eats the food, but plays with it and makes a mess. So, in order to make sure that we don't waste food, I don't give him more than he actually wants to eat.

      I have my doubts about juicing, because I think it might interfere with the digestive cycle and might cause more nutrients to be excreted than actually used for fuel.

      If someone eats more calories than normal and does not exercise much and is still staying thin, then unless they have a very high metaboism, the answer is usually that they excreted a lot of what they ate than normal. Ultimately, doing that can be hard on the digestive system.

    2. Okay, I see what you mean by Bow now.

      I am not juicing like the woman on YouTube, but I do like juice, and sometimes make my own. My take on food is people can pretty much eat what they want if it is from good ingredients, and until they are full, and will most likely know what is best for their bodies. This woman turned around her hypoglycemia, so I think her juicing and salads work for her, even if it is not for me.

      Active people just need more calories, and I remember when I was a runner that was something I yearned for. I was about to take up running again, but I did not like going that fast so I gave it up.

    3. Julia, I agree that everyone should eat whatever they want, and we should not tell others what to eat. That is my mantra about everything. People should do what they want and what makes them happy.

      Some of my friends are vegetarian, and I do not give them a hard time about that. I only object when people tell me I should eat some kind of food to the exclusion of others.

      The remark I made about people who think about health and are motivated by health considerations rather than taste and economy is really an offshoot about what I think about happiness. I think when we are happy, we don't think about happiness. We just are.

      But nothing about this blog is meant to be prescriptive or to tell anyone what to do with their own life. I'm just describing what Bow and I do.

    4. I think it is great you share with us how you and Bow enjoy food. I will keep reading to see what you eat from day to day.

    5. Thanks, Julia. I will probably vary the approach from time to time, to keep people from getting bored. We often eat many of the same things, in slightly different combinations.

      But Thanksgiving is coming up soon, so that will be different.