Friday, November 2, 2012

More About the Salad

The truth is: I was planning to write more about the salad yesterday, but I got distracted by the butterflies! Sometimes the feast for the eyes is so overwhelming that we forget about food. But you might have been asking yourself: did Bow enjoy his salad? How did he eat it? Which morsels did he pick out to eat first?

The reason I like this kind of salad better than the traditional kind is that you get to see what you're eating, and even though the different vegetables are all sitting there together in the bowl, and they're all going to be together in your belly, you still get to experience each one individually, with its own texture, flavor and smell.

Bow seems to like that, too. Even though he ate the entire salad, he was very picky as he chose one morsel at a time to put in his mouth.

You can see the selection process in all its stunning detail in the following video:

You can actually imagine the different textures as you watch this video, because each vegetable makes a  different sound when Bow eats it. The radishes are crunchy, the scallions are secretive and whispery, and the tomatoes are full of juice. And the peas in the pod make two sounds, one for the pod and the other for the peas!

Life is in the details. Enjoying the diversity of experiences offered to us is what makes the meal before us a feast.


  1. One word, love. You are so right, life is in the details. Reminds me of my oldest daughter. She's 13 now, but still eats things piece by piece. She uses salad dressing now, but for most of her life she couldn't stand it because it got in the way of being able to enjoy each vegetable as it should be. Doesn't look like Bow is much different in that regard.

    1. Thanks, Frieda! Your oldest daughter is the same age as mine. But she sounds more like me and Bow in her salad choices, whereas my daughter actually loves traditional salads and ranch salad dressing and has loved them right from the start. When my daughter and I go out to dinner, for a special occasion, I order one meal, and I get the steak and she gets the salad. Then we each get our own dessert!

  2. I like the idea of a salad like this one. I might try it sometime.

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    1. Thanks, Nancy! So nice to see you here!