Sunday, November 4, 2012

Foggy Morning

This morning was very foggy. I got excited at the sight of it, and I wanted to go for a long walk with Teyman.

Teyman, however, was not nearly as impressed by the fog as I was. It was cold out, and she wanted to do her business and come back in immediately after.

Teyman was so insistent that I had to let her back in, and I went for a little walk by myself.

Then I went and gave Bow his breakfast. We were out of grapes, so he had two apples, but they were very nice: Jonathan apples grown right here in Missouri, so they come ready to eat, with no pesky sticker to take off and tear the skin. These apples were as round and red and juicy as the ones in a fairy tale.

I tried to get Bow to go outside into the outer pens to look at the fog, but he did not agree. He is not impressed by fog.

There's something about low visibility that creates a longing in me for the unknown. But the other members of my household are not impressed. To them, a foggy morning is just like any other morning. And the teenager among us did not wake until the fog had cleared!

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