Thursday, June 30, 2016

Health Benefits of Pickle Ice

Bow's friend has been bringing him Pickle Ice, and he has been enjoying this treat very much. It's delicious!

But many people may not know that there could be health benefits to enjoying this salty treat. Pickle Ice consists of frozen pickle juice. And pickle juice is made of water, salt and vinegar. There are no calories in it at all.

Sodium is good for hydration, so having some Pickle Ice on a hot day is much better than a sugary popsicle.  But there's also another surprise benefit I had never heard of before I researched the topic.
There is said to be an antiglycemic effect to ingesting pickle juice before mealtime. As I understand it, that is the vinegar at work. I am not sure as to the validity of this health claim, but if you look at the second reference I have listed below, you can read the abstract by the authors from Arizona State University  and perhaps research it yourself.

You can buy the Pickle Ice treats at your local grocery store, or you can make your own in an ice cube tray by using leftover pickle juice.

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