Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lemon Pudding Cake

Sometimes you just don't happen to have all the ingredients on hand to make what the product was intended to make. That's what happened to me on Tuesday. I wanted to make a simple dessert to go with our meal, and I had this lemon Jello mix that called for adding sugar, two egg yolks and water. I had the sugar and the water, but no eggs. Our chickens were all killed by the dogs on Thanksgiving Day. That was so traumatic that we decided not to get any new chickens, and at the same time, I keep forgetting to buy eggs, because I had grown used to always having more than enough eggs on hand.

I started to ask myself what the eggs were needed for, and I figured it was fat. I did have some sour cream on hand, which I thought might contain a lot of fat, although it turned out to have been the reduced fat kind which I got by accident. So I ended up adding the sugar as directed, but substituting milk for the water, sour cream for the eggs and then I added a cup of flour and baked the pudding in glass pan. Here's what I got:

The surface of the cake was kind of shiny and porous, and there were bits of the sour cream that made sort of curd like appearance at the top.

The cake tasted a little like a lemon cheesecake. On the slice that Bow got, the sour cream curd had shaped itself to look a little like a heart.

Other members of the household were not nearly as impressed, but Bow enjoyed the cake and later asked for more.

There is nothing more gratifying than someone who enjoys the food set down before him!

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