Monday, October 29, 2012


I used to subscribe to a blog called "The Feast Before Us", but today, when I went to read it, it turned out that blog does not exist anymore, and Blogger asked me whether I would like to have that blog address. It's a catchy title, so I said yes.

I'm thinking that this should probably be a blog about food and about how to enjoy it. I'm too busy editing a book today to actually write a new blog post about food, but as starters, I think I will share this video about how to eat an artichoke. (Be sure to boil it first, then do what Bow does, sort of.)

Enjoy! And maybe next time I'll have something completely different on the menu!


  1. Well that is cool you were able to claim the title of an abandoned blog. I will enjoy reading the new blog posts you write here about food.

  2. Thanks, Julia. I feel as if this blog title has been a gift, of sorts, because I have found a new way to blog about the simple joys in life.

    I keep racking my brain to try to remember whose blog this used to be, though, and I can't remember.

    1. They might have consolidated their blogger blogs into a Wordpress blog. I had about 10, but I have consolidated all of these onto my subdomains of sweetbeariesart. I just had to difficult a time keeping up with that many blogs, and it easier to have these on two instead. I kept pedestrian blog because it is unique, and gets a lot of search traffic.

    2. You may be right, Julia. They tell us we should separate our niches, but then it can be very cumbersome trying to remember what niche each blog is supposed to cover.

      I hope I won't feel the need to consolidate these later.

    3. Well each of your blogs are very specific, and you have only three here on blogger. I had 11 and several of these had overlapping topics/themes, so it was better to consolidate each into a blog that worked well within the same theme.