Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Brussels Sprouts and the Moon

Sometimes the feast before us is a feast for the eyes. This morning I watched from my front door as the school bus picked up my daughter as usual. There was a big, bright round moon shining.

Last night, we had Brussels sprouts as part of our feast. Brussels sprouts are like tiny cabbages, so small that you can put one whole in your mouth. This is not necessarily the recommended method of eating them,  but it's something you can do if you want to, and something you are likely to do if you are a chimpanzee.

The way I prepare Brussels sprouts is very simple: I boil them, but not too long. I stop when the dull green gets a little more intense, with a sort of dark blue overcast, but I do not leave them in there until they get brownish or soggy or super soft. My Brussels sprouts are still quite chewy.

I made a bowl like this for each of us, but one person -- not me-- left two. So after Bow finished his first bowl of Brussels sprouts, I ended up serving him two more. The video below is of Bow enjoying his extra Brussels sprouts.

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