Monday, January 19, 2015

Eggs Baked in Muffin Cups

I got the idea for baking eggs in a muffin pan from something I saw on the internet. My contribution was to also use a paper muffin cup and to separate out the whites and the yolks.

The larger ones are blueberry muffins, and in the center there is one whole egg, and another egg divided into yolk and white.

I was planning to bake blueberry muffins anyway, in the larger muffin pan, so I decided to use the smaller pan for the eggs.

The Full Egg

The muffins were done much sooner than the eggs, despite being larger. I allowed the eggs to overcook a little, because I did not want any part to remain raw.

The Egg Yolk
The separated eggs were a little overdone, as they were smaller than the whole eggs.

The Egg White
My daughter likes the whole egg. I am allergic to the egg white, which consists mostly of protein, but I can eat the egg yolk, which also contains fat. Nobody in our house likes egg white in particular, but if you know someone who is afraid of adding fat into the diet, the egg white is something they might like. I remember that on the show Gilmore Girls, the comical character of Michel, who was constantly watching his diet and who went with the latest fads, was often seen asking for an egg white omelet. If you have someone like that in your life, you can give the egg white to him. In our house, we give them to the dogs, who will eat anything. That way, nothing goes to waste.

The eggs separate easily from the muffin cups, and there is no mess to clean, in the pan or on the plate. You can even eat them without a plate or utensils in the great outdoors, because these are eggs that will not run!


  1. I ate a whole jar of sunflower butter this weekend, and my weight has remained lower than a year ago when I ate bread. I noticed when I stopped eating bread I lost weight. I am not a major fan of eggs, and only use these for cooking. But the egg preparation idea is a good for people who enjoy eating eggs for breakfast. The muffin wrapper also would make for a nice presentation if you were presenting these to someone for a breakfast in bed on a tray.

    1. Hi, Julia, you look great! I'm glad you discovered for yourself what a big difference cutting bread out of the diet can do. Fat and oils are good for us, so eating as much as you want from them is not a problem.

      I like the presentation with the muffin wrapper, too!