Saturday, September 7, 2013

Poppy Seed Cake -- Not from Scratch

My mother is the one who knows how to bake a real poppy seed cake from scratch. But I can do a nice impersonation, using off the shelf ingredients.

I take a regular pound cake mix and follow all the directions on the box, except that I also throw in a can of poppy seed filling. After I am done mixing everything, this is what the batter looks like.

Once the cake is in the oven, Bow gets to lick the bowl:

When the cake is ready, it looks a little like this,

It is hard to say what Bow enjoys better, eating the cake or licking the bowl!


  1. My mom used to make poppy seed cake sometimes, and there was also a good kind sold at the local bakery. I think your cake looks good, and baking it with a boxed mix is fresher and taster than a cake that sits on the shelf for days waiting for someone to buy it.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I bet your mom's cake was wonderful, just like my mother's. My cake is a pretty good second, though, and it does get eaten while fresh. It is all gone now! And my finicky one even asked for seconds. So I call that success!